Why I love Mission Style Furnishings

Growing up rather modestly in a single parent home I recall the mix and match of furniture that was in our home.  Old overstuffed chairs, a beat up and very heavy sleeper sofa, an end table that didn't match the coffee table, and an ottoman in autumn gold!  It was what we had and it was what we needed at the time, but when it came time for my own place it was hard to resist the clean lines and simplicity of mission style furnishings.

Although many people believe that mission style furniture, noted for its' simple horizontal and vertical lines and basic flat panels that bring out the natural grain of wood, came from the missions of the old West.  In actuality the style was born out of a desire for less ornate furniture that was the Victorian style and an alternative to mass produced pieces that were being made at the beginning of the industrial period  at the turn of the century in the United Stated.

Most mission style furnishings were made of oak and although they appeared to be hand made, a great deal of it was made in factories.  It's simplistic and rather rustic look gave  people the impression it was hand crafted, and as you can see it does seem rather plain and simple.

That is the beauty of this style of furniture, clean lines and depending on the finish and wood type it can enhance most any decor.  Mission style furniture also scales very well to smaller spaces such as dorm rooms and apartments.  Throughout the course of this blog I will be posting a number of patterns I have come across as I search the internet and talk to furniture builders.

Feel free to "steal" the plans I leave here for you.  If you do get ambitious and build a piece from the collection I ask you to return with pictures and links to your site so we can share and enjoy the beauty of mission style furnishings.